Saturday 21 March 2015

Nameplate and Interior Sign Basics

If you are faced with the challenge finding quality nameplates or interior signage for your organization, rest assured, this challenge is not as great as you might think. T-Cube Signs has a wide range of experience in the design and fabrication of nameplates and interior signs and we are ready and able to assist nearly any business or industry with the design, planning and ordering of their customized nameplates and interior signage. Here are some simple steps involved in planning your signs and getting your order completed.

Determine the Shapes and Sizes You Need

The dimensions of the interior signs and nameplates that you need are important not only for placement but also in terms of cost. Do you know the dimensions of each sign or nameplate that you need? Consider where the signs or nameplates will be displayed. If they will need to be viewed from a distance, they will need to be larger. Making decisions about the sizes and shapes you require should be done while you are on location so you can visibly compare scale and size within your own facility. Size and shape determinations will depend on the use of any logos or artwork that you wish to include with your signage. If you have any special size or shapes required for your business, be sure to contact us at T-Cube Signs. We look forward to the opportunity to meet your signage needs when it comes to unusual or creative nameplate or interior signage needs.

Finish and Color Options
There are a wide variety of color and finish options you can select for your nameplates or interior signs. Your choice of color and finish will relate in large part to the colors used in your branding, but whatever color or finish you choose, it is critical that you maintain consistency in your selection. If your signage is not uniform and consistent, your customer experience will be inconsistent as well.

Attachment Points
The method with which you choose to mount your sign is up to you, and we can provide you with nameplate holders or your interior sign can mount directly to a surface using flush mount screws or metal stand-offs to give a three dimensional effect. There are many mounting options available for nameplate signs and interior signs. If you are not sure about the best way to mount and display your signage, contact us at T-Cube Signs for advice regarding the best mounting alternatives for your nameplates or interior signs.

Get a Quote Today
Your next step is the easiest to accomplish. When you are ready to place your order for signage, contact us at T-Cube Signs and we can provide you with an online quote for your signage needs. Whether your order is large or small, we can respond quickly to whatever needs you may have for signage. We take pride in our ability to provide you with a wide range of products for your nameplate and interior signage needs.

Friday 6 March 2015

Planning Is Important For Your Signage

Signs produce results in many ways and it is important to understand how you are sending messages to your customers, clients or visitors. If you want to communicate with the public about your business, product or services, you need to be able to send your message with a clear and concise delivery. This message must be conveyed via an understandable and recognizable medium, and your message could range from the very important to the very mundane. For example, you may have a message that communicates your brand and your company philosophy, and you may have other messages to send that simply tell customers where to go or what to do at your place of business. In either case, signage plays a very important role to the success of your business.

Develop a Written Plan

When you consider signage for your business, it is important to develop a thorough signage plan that addresses all of your facilities needs in a comprehensive program. In many cases, architects and interior designers can provide assistance with the planning required to get this plan together. Planning takes time and you may find that there are many revisions before you identify the best plan for your business. During the planning process, you will achieve the most effective results if you are able to maintain some core values. In some cases, a core value may center on facility safety, for another business the core value may be brand identity, and another example of a core value might be the chance to offer visitors with educational opportunities throughout your facility.

Continuity Is Key

Another part of the planning process relates to conformity and continuity. These are important as you plan the signage for your facility, especially when it comes to brand identity. Maintaining uniformity can be a challenge in a large facility, but even a small store, restaurant or office can still have challenges unless a comprehensive documented plan is established to serve as a guide when producing and placing signage. This is particularly important, as your sign needs change over time. An initial order of signage for your facility could produce nice, uniform products that provide you with the identity and uniformity that you desire, but as time goes on you may find the need for additional signs or replacements signs for various reasons. If you have a documented signage plan in place, you will be assured that any replacement signs or new signs will maintain the uniformity you desire.

Planning your signage needs is in some respects more difficult than the ordering or even the installation process, because it requires care and decision making that is important to your business.

Signage has been the focus of T-Cube Signs since 2002 and our nameplates and interior signs have been helping businesses in Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Washington and Texas where they are currently operating. Contact us today if you have questions about the products that we offer, or if you have any questions about the best approach to take when developing a signage plan for your business.

Wednesday 18 February 2015

Food and Restaurant Signage

Successful restaurant owners know the value of clear and concise signage within their establishment to communicate to their customers and drive sales. The demand for quality signage that can be produced in a quick and cost-effective manner is greater than ever.

There is no better answer for fast and simple signage such as name tags, name plates and interior signs than the products provided by T-Cube Signs and if you are a restaurant owner, we can provide a valuable service for your restaurant.

Who Needs Food Service Signage?

Quality signage is not just appropriate for your restaurant, it can also serve your catering, banquet and wedding buffet needs as well. Name plates for your next event can be produced quickly and conveniently, and producing high quality signage at your next catered event will show your customers how much care and dedication you have for their event.

Name plate signage isn’t just for office buildings. Hotels, restaurants, casinos and pubs can all make good use of custom signage on a daily basis to promote specials, identify products and direct people within your facility. The cruise ship industry utilizes many types of signs throughout their cruise liners to give their customers the information they need throughout their voyage.

Buffets are a great place to utilize name plate style signs to identify food items on display. These are ideal for caterers that serve events and weddings, and these inexpensive name plates can be utilized many times without losing their appeal. If your restaurant or catering service produces specialty or seasonal items, we can produce name plates that specific to your needs. There is no need for expensive and impractical restaurant signage for your most common buffet items, especially when name plates are so simple and cost effective to produce.

Any signage used in or around food products will need to be cleaned regularly and our name plates are simple and sleek enough that cleaning and sanitizing is very easy, so your name plates can be used many times.

Restaurants – More Than Just Food Service

Name plates for your restaurant do not need to be confined to the food service areas. Your staff can also make use of custom name plates to display their name and title. Employees will appreciate the recognition provided by a custom name plate. Within your establishment, you can also utilize name plates to designate different dining rooms, offices, lavatories, and even parking areas. Your customers and employees will appreciate the ease and convenience offered by the right signage throughout your dining facility. Familiarity with your business is an important step toward repeat customers.

If your restaurant, catering company, hotel or casino is in need of custom signage in Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey or New York, contact the professionals at T-Cube Signs
today. We can provide a multitude of custom signs for your business that will keep your customers happy and drive sales for your restaurant. With so many colors, shapes and sizes to choose from, your needs can be met easily by our friendly and professional staff.

Tuesday 10 February 2015

Desk Name Plates – Personalization for your Employees

If you are looking for ways to make your office look more professional and provide a sense of dignity and belonging to your office employees, explore the wide range of style and colors that you can select for nameplate signs from T-Cube Signs. Whether you want to show appreciation for a single employee or your whole staff, name plates can provide a great way to impress your clients and vendors, and a personalized name plate provides functionality by announcing the names and titles of your staff.

Why are name plates so important to your business? There are actually several reasons. A person’s title within your organization may be very personal a valuable to them. Displaying an employee’s title prominently with a professional looking name plate can mean a lot to an individual. Titles are often obtained over many years of hard work and dedication so it makes sense that a person’s title is important to them.
Recognition in the form of a custom name plate can also help to remind an employee of their individual status and importance within an organization. When a person is able to take pride in the status they have achieved among their co-workers, customers and vendors, that employee is more likely to feel compassionate toward the employer who recognizes this status.

Finally, one of the most utilitarian uses for a name plate is to simply identify your employee to people unfamiliar with your company. When a potential customer is able to see your employee’s name, that instant feeling of familiarity will help to facilitate your face-to-face business transactions.

Name plates can be informal as well. If you have an employee that has earned a particularly positive reputation or appealing nickname, that can be used on a name plate as well to support overall morale within your organization. They can even be used for temporary titles during short projects such as “Team Leader” or “Project Coach” and more.

Name plates are wonderful ways to promote an “Employee of the Month” program at your company. Name plates bearing the winner’s name can be displayed temporarily at the employee’s office, desk or workstation, or they can be displayed permanently in an area designated for winners of this distinction. A combination of these two strategies often works best.

The workplace isn’t the only use for name plates. When you are trying to think of a gift for that special someone who is difficult to buy for, consider a custom name plate. Father’s day, birthdays or holidays are great reasons to consider a custom-made name plate dignifying the recipient with words of affection and endearment.

Whether you live and work in New Jersey, or New York, Washington or Oregon, or anywhere in between, look to T-Cube Signs today for all your custom name plate needs. Whether for professional or for personal use, custom name plates
are a cost effective way to send valuable messages to your employees, customers, vendors and even your friends and family.

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Signage Lighting for Day and Night

Signage for your business should always be clean and legible, and to help with its visibility, lighting is a very important design consideration. You may think that lighting is such a simple issue that it may be addressed after your sign is in place, however, you may want to consider the location and the lighting available for that location before you place your sign. Issues that may seem insignificant when it comes to proper lighting can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of your sign.

Lighting Circuits and Cycles

First, be sure that any lighting that is dedicated to signage is on its own circuit. If there are other lights that may share the circuit or switch, you run the risk of the sign lights being turned off by accident. If your signage is on the same circuit as your exterior architectural lighting that will be acceptable, especially if those lights are controlled by timers. Photocell switches can be used to light your signs when it gets dark; however, this means that your sign will be lit for many hours when little or no traffic passes which is adds to your electrical costs unnecessarily.

Even Lighting

Large signs may require several light fixtures and many bulbs. Some signs are lit from behind while others are lit from the front with spotlights. In either case it is important to make certain that all bulbs are working, and that there is an adequate supply of replacements on hand in case they are needed. If your lights primarily operate after business hours, make sure that someone is regularly checking the lights to see if any bulbs are out. A half lit sign looks shoddy and unprofessional and it will reflect poorly on your business.

The lifespan of your bulbs and light fixtures are not the only consideration. If you have a monument sign of any type that is surrounded by landscaping, be sure to monitor the effect of shrubbery growth. Some plants grow rapidly and this can quickly cause unintended shadows to block the view of your sign when spotlights are used.

Finally, another impediment to even lighting is dirty fixtures and lenses on your lights. Spotlights that are located close to the ground are particularly susceptible to dirt and grime from a combination of weather and landscaping so be sure that your lighting stays clean and bright.

Is It Bright Enough?

Back lit signs show up well, but signs lit from the front with spotlights can be seen fairly well also. The decision on how to light your sign will depend on the style of your signage and the colors you utilize. When your sign is installed, be sure to study the environment in which your sign is located. While your sign may be well lit, you may find that other signs in your neighborhood are overpowering your sign. Be sure that your sign is bright enough to be noticed, and don’t be surprised if your backlit sign could benefit from additional lighting from the front in the form of intense spotlights.

From New York to California, and many states in between, T-Cube Signs can help you with your sign lighting questions, so be sure to contact us today.