Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Signage Lighting for Day and Night

Signage for your business should always be clean and legible, and to help with its visibility, lighting is a very important design consideration. You may think that lighting is such a simple issue that it may be addressed after your sign is in place, however, you may want to consider the location and the lighting available for that location before you place your sign. Issues that may seem insignificant when it comes to proper lighting can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of your sign.

Lighting Circuits and Cycles

First, be sure that any lighting that is dedicated to signage is on its own circuit. If there are other lights that may share the circuit or switch, you run the risk of the sign lights being turned off by accident. If your signage is on the same circuit as your exterior architectural lighting that will be acceptable, especially if those lights are controlled by timers. Photocell switches can be used to light your signs when it gets dark; however, this means that your sign will be lit for many hours when little or no traffic passes which is adds to your electrical costs unnecessarily.

Even Lighting

Large signs may require several light fixtures and many bulbs. Some signs are lit from behind while others are lit from the front with spotlights. In either case it is important to make certain that all bulbs are working, and that there is an adequate supply of replacements on hand in case they are needed. If your lights primarily operate after business hours, make sure that someone is regularly checking the lights to see if any bulbs are out. A half lit sign looks shoddy and unprofessional and it will reflect poorly on your business.

The lifespan of your bulbs and light fixtures are not the only consideration. If you have a monument sign of any type that is surrounded by landscaping, be sure to monitor the effect of shrubbery growth. Some plants grow rapidly and this can quickly cause unintended shadows to block the view of your sign when spotlights are used.

Finally, another impediment to even lighting is dirty fixtures and lenses on your lights. Spotlights that are located close to the ground are particularly susceptible to dirt and grime from a combination of weather and landscaping so be sure that your lighting stays clean and bright.

Is It Bright Enough?

Back lit signs show up well, but signs lit from the front with spotlights can be seen fairly well also. The decision on how to light your sign will depend on the style of your signage and the colors you utilize. When your sign is installed, be sure to study the environment in which your sign is located. While your sign may be well lit, you may find that other signs in your neighborhood are overpowering your sign. Be sure that your sign is bright enough to be noticed, and don’t be surprised if your backlit sign could benefit from additional lighting from the front in the form of intense spotlights.

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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Acrylic Signs Offer Many Finish Options

Acrylic signs can provide functional and effective signage with a wide variety of style, color and design capabilities. Your brand identity can be preserved and reinforced with professionally fabricated acrylic signs and you will find that your options are nearly unlimited. Acrylic signs offer many excellent solutions for your business, and many customers find that their existing signage has become old and outdated. New acrylic signs custom made to your specifications can be an excellent way to make sure your brand is communicated to your customers.

Acrylic signage can be created with individual letters to match your brand. Each letter can be mounted separately with standoff style mounts that will give the impression that the sign is floating. The depth and shadows will add to the effectiveness of your signage.

Does your company have a custom logo? Acrylic can be custom cut to match your logo design in one of several available thicknesses. Mount your logo sign directly to the wall or with floating standoff style mounts.

In addition to a wide variety of color choices for your acrylic signs, you can also choose from many metal finishes for letters or logo designs. From polished to brushed finishes, you can find a metal laminate that will meet your custom needs.

Mounting letters and logos to directly to your wall surfaces common, but you can also utilize acrylic panels as a background for your signage. Also available in a wide range of color and metal laminate choices, you can use an acrylic panel to frame your designs and add depth and interest to your signage.

While hardware is often hidden, decorative mounting hardware can also be used in various finishes. Brass, stainless steel, or even aluminum can be used with a polished or brushed finish. Using the right hardware can give your signage a classic or sophisticated look.

Once your sign is mounted, you will want to ensure that it is presented in the best light. This means that lighting should be focused on your sign in such a way as to highlight its presence during both day and night. Nighttime lighting arrangements can often be dramatic and effective ways to show off your brand image.

Acrylic signage is not only advantageous because of its flexibility in design options. It is also important to remember that acrylic can be used for interior and exterior applications. This means that you will be able to maintain the same style and design elements at all exterior entrances and storefronts, as well as inside your place of business to show off your logo and brand, but also to direct your patrons with the appropriate interior directional signage.

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