Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Food and Restaurant Signage

Successful restaurant owners know the value of clear and concise signage within their establishment to communicate to their customers and drive sales. The demand for quality signage that can be produced in a quick and cost-effective manner is greater than ever.

There is no better answer for fast and simple signage such as name tags, name plates and interior signs than the products provided by T-Cube Signs and if you are a restaurant owner, we can provide a valuable service for your restaurant.

Who Needs Food Service Signage?

Quality signage is not just appropriate for your restaurant, it can also serve your catering, banquet and wedding buffet needs as well. Name plates for your next event can be produced quickly and conveniently, and producing high quality signage at your next catered event will show your customers how much care and dedication you have for their event.

Name plate signage isn’t just for office buildings. Hotels, restaurants, casinos and pubs can all make good use of custom signage on a daily basis to promote specials, identify products and direct people within your facility. The cruise ship industry utilizes many types of signs throughout their cruise liners to give their customers the information they need throughout their voyage.

Buffets are a great place to utilize name plate style signs to identify food items on display. These are ideal for caterers that serve events and weddings, and these inexpensive name plates can be utilized many times without losing their appeal. If your restaurant or catering service produces specialty or seasonal items, we can produce name plates that specific to your needs. There is no need for expensive and impractical restaurant signage for your most common buffet items, especially when name plates are so simple and cost effective to produce.

Any signage used in or around food products will need to be cleaned regularly and our name plates are simple and sleek enough that cleaning and sanitizing is very easy, so your name plates can be used many times.

Restaurants – More Than Just Food Service

Name plates for your restaurant do not need to be confined to the food service areas. Your staff can also make use of custom name plates to display their name and title. Employees will appreciate the recognition provided by a custom name plate. Within your establishment, you can also utilize name plates to designate different dining rooms, offices, lavatories, and even parking areas. Your customers and employees will appreciate the ease and convenience offered by the right signage throughout your dining facility. Familiarity with your business is an important step toward repeat customers.

If your restaurant, catering company, hotel or casino is in need of custom signage in Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey or New York, contact the professionals at T-Cube Signs
today. We can provide a multitude of custom signs for your business that will keep your customers happy and drive sales for your restaurant. With so many colors, shapes and sizes to choose from, your needs can be met easily by our friendly and professional staff.


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