Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Communicating Your Message through Signs and Tags

Acrylic Signs

Over the last few years, acrylic signs have become very popular for many business owners in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. With crisp, clean lines, bold colors and glossy finishes, acrylic signs give a professional and distinct appearance. In addition to their great appearance, acrylic signs are also very practical because of their light weight and ease of mounting. There are many options when it comes to mounting acrylic signs, and some of the most distinctive methods utilize metal stand-offs that are available in a wide variety of finishes.

Acrylic sheeting products have been improved over the past several years as the result of new manufacturing technologies and material formulations. As a result, acrylic sign products have become a valuable and sought-after item for businesses. Color and finishes are now longer lasting than ever before, and the products are more dimensionally stable, which reduces issues related to the mounting hardware required.

The appearance and durability are not the only advantages of acrylic signs. They are also very cost effective when you consider their professional appearance and ease of installation as compared to many alternatives. Offices and retail stores can utilize acrylic signs for promotions, sales, directions, point of purchase, and many other interior signage applications.

Engraved Tags

For a very reasonable cost, engraved tags can be ordered in a wide variety of colors and shapes to suit your specific needs. If you need to have more information engraved on your tags, larger sizes can accommodate larger areas of text, and you can even engrave both sides. Text can be engraved as well as images such as your company logo. Engraved tags aren’t just for business in Oregon, Texas, or Washington either; they can be ordered for personal use as well.

Engraved tags for pets are popular items as well because they can be engraved on both sides with the pet’s name and the owner’s information. By engraving your name and telephone number, your pet can be returned to you if ever lost and found. Tags of this type can be made from stainless steel or aluminum, or even plastic.This type of tag is a very cost effective way to ensure the safety of your pet.

Lobby signs

Lobby signs are great ways to greet your customers and there are a number of things to keep in mind when designing your lobby signage. One of the most important elements will be the color of you lobby sign. The color should be chosen to separate yourself from your competition and to show your brand identity so it is important to ensure that your colors match your branding and logo. If appropriate, you should also utilize your logo in all of your signs.

The location of your lobby signs is also important. If you are able to see your lobby from the exterior, then interior lobby signs should be plainly visible from the exterior as well. Signage that is kept out of view is a wasted resource that would otherwise communicate to your potential customers.

Signs located in high traffic areas or in areas subject to a lot of direct sunlight, can be damaged by use or fade from excessive UV rays. Signs that are dirty, scuffed, or otherwise damaged should be discarded and replaced immediately. If your signage is not clean, brilliant, sparkling and new it will not convey your sales message and your brand effectively.


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